Sand Cement Screed Flooring Systems

At A Donnelly Flooring we install sand and cement screed floors to a high standard using quality materials and highly skilled staff.

Sand and Cement floor screed has been the preferred choice of the building Industry for over 50 years.
They are mainly the preferred choice for private dwellings that have no underfloor heating and residential developments.

The Traditional Floor Screed

Sand and Cement Screed is widely understood as being the traditional floor screed. Sand and Cement make an ideal screed system which is suitable to receive almost any type of floor covering. It is a semi-dry system which makes it the best choice for floors that are required to be laid to falls.

When can I walk on the Screed Floor?

Most of our screeds can take light foot traffic after 2 days and site traffic after 4 days however please check with us first if you need clarification on traffic information as it does change based on the screed floor we are installing.

A Guide to Depths Of Sand and Cement Floor Screed.

Bonded 25mm
• Unbonded 50mm
• Floating 75mm
• Over Underfloor Heating 75mm.

There are other products available that can be installed thinner or dry faster please call us to discuss these options.

Screed Floor Drying Times

The Screed dries out at 1mm per day up to 40mm deep and 0.5mm per day for depths over 40mm before floor finishes can be installed. New additives are regularly being introduced to the market to reduce drying times.
Our experience in installing traditional screeds means that we are aware of many of the additives available on the market and are therefore able to offer alternatives which are tried and tested, dependent on your requirements.

Why Order your screed floor installation from us?

We have many years of experience in recommending and installing different screed products.
Call us, or click the get a quote button and we will source the correct product based on your requirement.

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